Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Swisher Predator Update... FAIL

So I may have spoken too soon about the ol' Swisher a few posts ago. Everything was working great, then...

I've had several maintenance issues since then. First off, the blade would not engage every time. My buddy Dan and I figured it was probably a worn belt or that little spring thing that pulls the switch that engages the blade.

PROBLEM #1: Swisher Parts Line.
I called the Swisher parts people, because it was impossible to get the correct part number from the manual. I told them my model number, and said I needed the belts and this spring. The one the engages the blade. And of course, they send me the wrong spring. I was willing to pay the excess price to guarantee I got the right belts and where else was I going to find this spring. So to get the wrong spring in the mail was quite disappointing.

We switched the belt, and were trying to go through grass about this high, and the blade would bog down as the tall grass wrapped around the shaft. This is exactly the stuff that my John Deere Riding Mower has problems with. Grass like this is the main reason I bought the Swisher in the first place. So now I need to pay for service.

PROBLEM #2: Where do you service a Swisher? I thought it would be pretty straight forward to get this thing fixed. It's just a lawn mower on steroids, right? Well not so fast there buddy. You need to have an authorized service provider. So I call Swisher for the second time to get the ones nearest me, and that's were we stand right now.

My industrial mower got clogged on thick grass. My initial enthusiasm has waned a bit. I'll keep you posted on how much it cost to get it back up and running.

See You Next Time.