Sunday, May 2, 2010

Review: Swisher Predator 24 - 11hp Brush Mower

Well, I got a new piece of gear for the ranch. A Swisher Predator 24 - 11 hp brush mower. I needed something to handle the tall grass in the fields and small saplings around the property. In a perfect world, I'd have a big 5 foot brush hog and a tractor big enough to pull it for the main part of the field, and this brush mower for the areas where the brush hog doesn't fit. But until I can afford to get a new tractor (my little tractor didn't seem to have enough juice to power a brush hog that I borrowed a while back) I thought this will be a good stop gap. It takes a lot longer to cover a big area than a brush hog, but is a lot less than a new tractor.

Swisher Brush Mower Review from R. Upshaw on Vimeo.

I've used it much more now, and for the most part I'm pleased. If you can pull out the saplings, it makes things much easier. I actually got a Brush Grubber (that I'll review later) to do this part of the job.

The problem with going over it with Swisher is that you leave a little stump behind. It works as advertised, but I don't like all the little stumps. If you're OK with that, then full steam ahead. I've been much happier to pull out the saplings, and be able to mow without the little knobby stumps. I feel like it's a losing battle at this point... It's hard to keep up with everything. I keep telling myself that once I get all these saplings/stumps out, it will be easy to mow! But for now, I'm pushing that rock up the hill.

See you next time!

From City Boy Starts Farmin'

Coyote on the loose.

We've got a couple of coyotes on the loose out on the ranch. I was startled by one in the back of our property when I was doing some work...
I caught it on video the other day when the dogs were going nuts.

Coyote on the Loose. from R. Upshaw on Vimeo.

They were coming in so close to the house that I went and got a pellet gun to try and scare the coyotes off.
I haven't had the chance to get a shot off yet, and they are showing up less and less. I think since we have two dogs, and the next door neighbors have two pit mixes... maybe that scared them away.

I'm hoping they don't get the cats or the neighbors chickens.

I'll keep you posted on any new action.

See you next time.
From City Boy Starts Farmin'

Why did you not use the birdhouse?

So last year I made a few birdhouses for the property. So obviously, the birds this year make their nest inside the barn resting on the plastic vapor barrier. Oh, and thanks for ripping the screen that's suppose to keep birds out of the barn.

What Bird House? from R. Upshaw on Vimeo.

So I guess I'll wait till they are gone, and repair that screen. I wish they would have used the birdhouse...

Maybe I made the wrong style?

See you next time...
From City Boy Starts Farmin'