Saturday, December 5, 2009

Where's that tool again?

I'm sure this has never happened to you...

A pair of needle nose pliers is needed to complete the job you're working on. You know that you own a pair of said pliers. One problem - your garage looks like my barn.

I finally decided to do something about the hornets nest that was my barn. I scored a great deal on some drawers and wall cabinets from Second Use. If you're in the Puget Sound Area, it's definitely worth a trip for used building materials.

Barn Cabinets from ron upshaw on Vimeo.

Nothing ground breaking here, but I will say that the metal drawers with the heavy duty runners is a major plus in a garage / tool application. Oh, and it sucks to not have a level floor!

Here's how things turned out:

Barn Cabinets - After from ron upshaw on Vimeo.

Now the challenge will be to keep it this way!

From City Boy Starts Farmin'