Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rancher Ron Tractor Meltdown

Well, it's my first anniversary as a country boy, and even though I bought a tractor months ago, I never got around to getting an a brush hog to mow our secondary fields. They get pretty wet in the winter, so we fenced it off from our main pasture for the horses. Needless to say, the grass got a bit too high - about 8 feet tall in places - and I borrowed a brush hog and wanted to get this thing under control.

Let's just say that the ol' tractor was straining to keep up with the amount of grass I was trying to mow. The exhaust was a lot darker than usual, and I had to open the engine up almost all the way to have enough speed on the blade to make it through the dense grass. It was pretty crazy out there:

I got about 3/4 of our front field done when the dashboard lights on the tractor lit up like the 3rd of July. I shut her down to this - major over heating

There was a lot of steam coming out the side of the engine. I went and got some anti-freeze this morning and filled it back up. I got through the front field pretty much, and started on an area we have out back before it over heated again. So I guess I've got about a 30 minute window of running the engine all the way open before things over heat.

Maybe I shouldn't wait till the grass is over my head to do this next time? Go Figure.

See You Next Time