Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tractor House

So after six months of pulling a tarp over Ol' Blue, it seemed like a good idea to make a tractor port on the side of the barn.

Here's the before picture... I decided to try using those cement blocks with the built in bracket for a 4x4 post - you can see them on the right. (Truth be told, I totally did not feel like digging another post hole.)

Using a string level, I figured out how long the posts should be since the ground was not level. I measured down from the top 4 feet and cut a notch for the cross members.

Here's the three posts with the cross members installed. It's not perfectly level, but it's within a few inches. I braced them on the bottom to keep things plumb.

Here's a close up of the notching on the top. I saw this technique on a tv show. Seems like the smart way to go to have the board supported before I added the roof trusses.

I put up 2x6 roof trusses every four feet.

Frank the Dog was in his supervisory spot by the bush. He was closely watching the project... OK maybe closely is a bit of a stretch.

My neighbors helped out with cutting the metal roofing to be installed.

I added some other cross members four feet on center to have something to drive the screws into. Here's how the metal
roofing looks installed.

Here's how it turned out.

It's definitely been nice to just drive into the cover to keep the tractor dry. I put some wood chips down to keep the grass from growing and to level out the ground a bit.

Check another project off the list.
See you next time.