Thursday, June 12, 2008

JuneBug - Horse To The Stars...

Assuming that I'm a star. Well, I'll use that term loosely.

I finally got a horse - her name is JuneBug. She's a retired reining horse - so she knows all the moves. It's her rider that doesn't know much.

I'm going to take some lessons with Matt - he holds things together behind the scenes at Horses For Clean Water.

Plus it will give me a chance to wear my cowboy hat. =)

She seems like she's going to be a great trail horse. We went on our first ride today after I got home from work, and she did great. At one point there were two barking dogs on our left, and two motorcycles on our right, and she was calm as could be. Nice.

I'm hoping I can improve enough to do the "spin" move that reining horses can do.

I also put in my order for an equestrian helmet today. I hope I'll never need to test it out.
Wish me luck