Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wedding Is Over - Why Are These Chores Still Here?

Sorry it's been so long since the last post on the Farmer Ron blog, but the entire last month was pretty consumed with planning and executing the wedding. Then the honeymoon, then trying to catch up with everything that I was neglecting with wedding duties.

But I'm back, and the list of stuff to do surprisingly didn't get any shorter while on the honeymoon.

First order of duty... actually we did it a few weeks ago ... was to get some new gravel down in the horse stalls. It got very muddy in the spring, and we bought one load of 5/8 and one load of 3/8 gravel for the runs. The 3/8" minus pretty much just turned to mud, so I got 33 tons of 5/8" minus delivered to the house.
Free Plug for Jim's Landscape Supplies. I called him on a weekend, and he had it delivered that day. Good guy. His number is 253-639-2200.

I gave our neighbor Dwight some money to help wheelbarrow it in, and Neighbor Bill couldn't pass up the chance to tool around in the tractor. We got a 4" layer spread in a few hours. I tried to get a bucket full and just dump it over the 5 foot fence directly into the horse stalls. The ground was kind of uneven and it didn't work. So Neighbor Bill came over and tried to do the same thing. I've learned to just let engineers figure it out for themselves. So once he verified that the fence was too high to dump, he and Dwight devised this system. Bill would get a load, and then dump in into the wheelbarrow while Dwight centered it and held it steady. Dwight would run it over to the stalls where I spread it out.

June Bug is a major league pacer. So she has already made a track around her stall in the few weeks we've had her. It's almost time for me to add another layer of gravel. I've been talking with some folks, and it seems like the theory is that the ground can only hold so much gravel before it becomes "saturated" with gravel and will stay that way for a few years. We haven't reached that point yet. So it's more and more gravel till we stop seeing mud.

See you next time~