Friday, August 8, 2008

Cherry Wine Update... Rack Em!

So I guess I'm officially a Wine-o. My inaugural batch of fruit wine is coming along nicely. If you missed the first part of the process, you can catch it here.

About 2 weeks in, I pulled out the nylon bag of cherries.

Then I waited about five or six days, and racked the wine today.
I had someone ask in the comments section of the blog what "racking" is - so here's the definition; "To drain (wine or cider) from the dregs. "

It's also been described to me as clarifying the wine.

Here we go - the set up for today:

Next I filled my two CLEAN glass one gallon jugs:

And here's what you get:

This is what's left in the bottom of the barrel - it doesn't look too tasty:

So now the jugs will sit in my room for the next few months and I'll re-rack them again for clarity. I'll let you know how they turn out.

~See you next time