Sunday, September 21, 2008

40 Pounds Of Honey...

I went and picked up my honey from Trees N' Bees. They spun the honey in their centrifuge for 1/3 of the honey. So they got 20 pounds and I got 40 pounds.

I picked up some smaller jars, so we could sell some of the honey. I got a box of 6oz. jars and a box of 2oz. jars.

Here's the idea for the label:
The wife is going to sell the honey at her hair salon. $5 for the big jars, and $2 for the small jars.

Here's the size of the little jars.

Since we took this box of honey, Loren at Trees N' Bees recommended that I get a top feeder for the hive and to feed them sugar syrup so the girls can catch up before winter.

I did one gallon with meds in it. Two and a half quarts of water to 10 pounds of sugar. It was a really thick syrup. I added Fumadil to the syrup for the winter.

I had to put the box that the honey was in back on the hive, and add the top feeder.

I also put in my order for another hive for next year.

I learned a lot this year. Hopefully I'll do better next year.

See You Next Time...