Monday, September 1, 2008

Can A 60 Year Old Barn Work As A Wood Shop?

That's the question I tried to answer this Labor Day Weekend. Three years ago I lived in New Orleans and I took a wood working class at a local community college. I'd always wanted to, and after years of watching hundreds of hours of wood working shows on TV, I finally put together a shop.

After the class, I build our kitchen cabinet doors out of Spanish Cedar. I was pretty pleased with the results.

Well a little thing called Hurricane Katrina came through town and not only took all the tools I just bought for my first wood shop, it took our house too.

So on the third anniversary of Katrina with Hurricane Gustav closing in on the Gulf South, I felt a bit inspired to do a renovation of our barn and try again at wood working.

First thing that needed to be done was to demolish an old animal enclosure that took up half of the bottom floor of the barn. It was not pleasant at all. The previous owner had put down corrugated plastic and old plywood that had just accumulated urine smell for years. Yuck.

We pulled enough trash out of that side of the barn to completely fill my neighbor's panel truck. Only a hundred bucks to throw it all away at the dump. What a deal.

Next up, we had to fix the floor. We think that someone spilled battery acid on the wooden floor and just let it sit there. So we had to cut out a big section of floor for the repair. The old floor boards are about 3" think. Don't make em' like that any more.

Here's how the floor turned out.

We cleaned out the entire side of the barn and build a new work bench.
Here's the bench framed out. I'll get some more pics up soon. We got the bench done, and a few other tool stands. I think another full day of cleaning / organizing and it will be pretty close to finished and ready to use.

See you next time~