Saturday, June 13, 2009

Easy Bloom Review

So I don't exactly have a green thumb. But in my defense, I haven't tried to make anything grow since we suspended a potato over a Styrofoam cup on toothpicks in Mr. Diamond's second grade class.

So I broke down and bought an Easy Bloom. I didn't need my arm twisted too hard, I admit I loves me some gadgets! It now lives next to my iPod, Blackberry, mini DV camcorder, still camera, and a bunch of cords that don't plug into anything.

It costs me about $60. I got mine on Hey, they're on sale now for $39.99... that's a really good deal.

It's a very cool little gadget. Plug it into your computer, and put in your zip code, and it will tell you all the plants that thrive in your area. It also has a watering mode, and monitor mode.

Easy Bloom Review from R. Upshaw on Vimeo.

Here's a little video on the "Water Mode"

Easy Bloom Review - Water mode from ron upshaw on Vimeo.

If you're new to gardening, or clueless - or both, I really recommend the Easy Bloom... especially since they've dropped the price to $39.99. That's less than the cost of one tree that you could avoid planting in the wrong spot with the Easy Bloom.

See you next time.

From City Boy Starts Farmin'