Saturday, June 13, 2009

The World Famous PIGERATOR

You read that right... a PIGERATOR.

Me and my crazy Cajun buddy Charles decided to have a pig roast out on the Ranch this year. He was at a pig roast in Louisiana that was cooked inside a gutted refrigerator. He said he wanted to make his own version of a gutted fridge with his friend Gator (I told you he's a crazy Cajun.)

So Charles & Gator took care of building the Pigerator, and I was in charge of the pig and beer... and a bon fire. Not a bad trade off.

While I don't have pics of the Pigerator build, it's pretty simple in theory. They welded 1/2" steel plates inside the fridge box - with some insulation so the outside wouldn't get too hot. Charles installed a BBQ grill thermometer thru the door. There's a removable hook welded to the top inside, and a coal box on the bottom. He put a drain hole in the floor for the drippings, and 4 vent pipes - 3 in the front, and one in the back.

You can see the pipes on the front... the one in the back is bigger. Charles has the pipe covers so you can control the airflow. They also installed a fireproof gasket around the door, and two clamps that hold the door open. The thing weighs a ton... man is it heavy.

Next up, I needed to find a pig. Initially, the people I spoke to said to get about a pound per person, but because we didn't want to run out of pork, we ended up with a 114 lb pig. I got it from Mike Lind's Custom Meats.
23022 172nd Ave SE
Kent WA 98042

Mike did a great job on our pig... he even let me borrow a cooler for the weekend since our cooler wasn't big enough for this 114 pounder.

Here's a video of the day in question:

The World Famous PIGERATOR from Upshaw Ron on Vimeo.

It was the best pork that I've ever had in my life... good job to Chuck and his Cajun magic.

Everyone had a great time...

Here's some more video from our buddy Marco:

See you next time..

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