Monday, March 21, 2011

Bee Up My Sleeve...

I got this illustration done for $5 on 
But I didn't get stung.

I'm glad to announce that both my hives made it thru the winter.  My first year I didn't insulate the hive, and it died when a brutal storm came through late in the year.  After that, I've been insulating the hives every winter and have had more success.

This year, I saw that one hive was not doing very good in comparison to the other, so I made up some emergency fondant.  Similar to what you see on Ace Of Cakes.  It's basically just sugar frosting that you can set right on top of the hive. 

I think the fondant saved one hive, and it has my second hive thriving right now.

As soon as the night time temps are in the 40's, I'm going to take the insulated covers off.

If you're into beekeeping, I have a beekeeping website that sells my Basic Beekeeping DVD - it's

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See you next time.