Sunday, December 21, 2008

90mph Winds? Not so much...

So all the weather guys here in Seattle including ME were saying there was a huge wind storm that was going to hit our area. The prediction was wind gusts up to 90mph.

I was not going to be unprepared. I got the generator all fueled and oiled up. I bought it last year but never had to crank it up. Obviously there are three different manuals you have to go through to get the thing running. Nice work Coleman. But I finally figured out how to put the oil in, and it started up on the 4th pull. I plugged in a light to check it out, and it worked just fine.

Lucky for us, the Cowgirl's dad is an electrician, and he installed a new electrical service panel with an outside generator input. So we are all set. It's interesting trying to figure out how many watts you need. We are prioritizing our water pump (1hp = 2500w) and the heater in the well house is 1500w. The water heater in the house is 4500w and the TV is 500w. So if you do a little math, we can't have everything on at once. The strategy is to heat the water at night, then turn the water heater off at the panel. Then turn on the pump, and after showers, you can turn on the tv and some lights.

Here's my prep work getting ready for the storm:

Forecast: 90mph Winds - Not So Much... from ron upshaw on Vimeo.

We were shocked that power did not go out. The winds were definitely howling, but the gusts on the news were more like 50mph with sustained winds of 30mph.

And here's the day after...

Forecast: 90mph Winds - Not So Much... II from ron upshaw on Vimeo.

I guess it's ready to be prepared and not need it, than to need it and not be prepared!

It's really snowing now as I type this... good times.

White Christmas? from ron upshaw on Vimeo.

See you next time