Monday, April 28, 2008

Filling Out The Garden...

The Ol' Rancher Ron inaugural garden is getting pretty full. Seems like every time I'm at the hardware store, which is about every other day, I pick up a plant or two.

I got this little trio at Hayes Nursery in Issaquah, WA. It's a really nice nursery. Great Stuff. From left to right, I got 2 red beets, 2 artichoke, and white cauliflower. I'm hoping the artichoke works out, it's one of my favorite.

Also at Hayes I got this really cool little salad mix. There's three types of salad in there mixed together. With one snip of the scissors, you're in mixed salad land. Nice.

I also planted some more squares in my Square Foot Garden from seeds. I planted some golden beets, and mixed in a few flowers in the squares that didn't have a lot going on. There are still a few squares open, so I can plant some more when the urge hits me. I totally over bought seeds this year. I knew I was going to, but when they're $1.29, and I'm standing there at that huge rack of seeds, I can't help myself.

Speaking of not being able to help myself, I got to talking with my Neighbor Bill, who happened to have rented a roto tiller for the day, and we started eye balling a really old square of land back by my well house that seems to have a been a garden at some point in the last century. Currently I put a few giant pumpkin seeds in there just to see what would happen. Bill had the idea of planting a few rows of community corn and cucumbers to share. Seemed like a decent idea to me - so I grabbed on to this beast and gave it a spin. that thing is a monster. We tilled up everything but the two spots where I planted the giant pumpkin seeds. Bill started some corn inside at his place since it's been so cold here this spring (global warming, anyone?) We'll transfer them in a few weeks.

And then came the tomatoes. Again, I bought too much. I got two little starters, which I thought was two plants. But then I found out that there were three plants in each - so now I've got six tomato plants. I'll be giving these bad boys away this summer.

Finally I put in a few raspberry plants - a donation from the soon to be in-laws. And I bought an asparagus starter kit with eight starters in there. I think it takes two seasons for it to bear a crop, but that's ok with me. I loves me some asparagus.

Oh, I also planted some climbing flowers and beans to grow on our make shift arbor entrance. Should be looking good in a few months.

See you next time