Monday, April 28, 2008

Overruled On The Landscaping...

So a few posts back I went on and on about re-doing the planter box in front of our window. I thought I did a pretty good job at re-doing the box.

Then yesterday, my soon to be mother-in-law came over to help with the yard. She's a really good gardener, her house is straight from the pages of a magazine - so I figured I've give her the reins to the landscaping plans.

Step one was to take out everything from this box and move it.

Actually, that was step two. Step one was to do some edging on the front of the house to make room for those planter boxes. So we ripped out all the grass. And when I say "we" I really mean she did most of it and I made excuses to go inside or do some odd jobs that I've been putting off like fixing the light in the old horse trailer. It's amazing what a difference having someone around who knows what they are doing.

So we moved over the two planter boxes that house my strawberries, and then stole the river rocks that I thought I was going to fill the garden with. Until I bought five bags worth and didn't even make a dent in coverage. They look much better here in the front of the house. It's starting to look like someone who had a plan was doing it.

Next up, we ripped out the ratty old bushes in the front of the house. That turned out to be a pain in the arse. We did everything but get out the chain saw on this one, but finally got it out of there. So here's the mid way "after" pic.

Day Two: That was about all we got done on Sunday. On Monday, here's how things finished up looking.

Looks so much better now, and it'll continue to improve when the new flowers come in.
Nice work!

See you next time