Sunday, February 24, 2008

As Peter Gabriel would say, "Diggin In The Dirt..."

Time to put the dirt in the raised flower beds.
Actually I didn't know how much dirt I'd need, so I bought four 30lb. bags.

Man, they feel heavier than 30 pounds. Must be the awkward shape. Anyway, I also got some seeds and some bamboo things for the climbers to climb on.

That's what one bag looks like.
Click here if you want to see how we made the raised beds.

Pretty simple stuff here, just spread it out. Took 90 pounds of dirt to fill the 4 foot sqare box. So I'll need about 5 more bags to fill the 8 foot box.
Look at me doing math.... Sally leaves Chicago in a train going 70 miles per hour, while Bobby leaves Los Angeles ....

The Square Foot Gardener says to mark your squares some how. I'm going to try this twine and see if it holds up.

So that's how it looks all done. Sixteen squares. This smaller box is going to be for herbs only. I don't know if there's even 16 different kinds of herbs I want to plant, so I may double up on some. Mint Juleps here I come!

While I was at it, I added a few little shelves under 2 of the sawhorses. I figure it'll be a nice place for some odds and ends.

That's it for now. Time to call in my master gardener friend Jane for a little visit/lesson.

I'll keep you posted when we plant.

~rancher ron

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