Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Do I Need A 2nd Mortgage to Afford A Survey?

So we are looking to put in a new fence to keep the ponies in, and we're not totally confident with where the current fence is in relation to our actual property line. So we're thinking we can just get a quick survey to confirm the proper boundary line.

We want to put in about 600-700 feet of fence between us and the neighbors. So it seems like that would be a pretty easy job...

So I started calling around this morning to some survey companies that the wetland engineer we used recommended to me. The first person that I actually
got on the phone said they charge $155/hr with a 4 hour minimum. Say WHAT (with googly eyes and shocked looked)???? You mean to tell me it will cost $620 to have a guy tell me where I can put my fence?

Now I don't want to disparage another person's profession, and to be honest, I don't know exactly everything that involved with doing a survey, but $620 to say, "Yep that's the line." Or, "The line is 5 feet over that way." Are you kidding me? I've been told these guys all work by GPS now. So all they have to do is find the surveying monument about half a block down the road and put that in their GPS machine then walk down to our property line.

What am I missing here? I understand if you're preparing a site for a building and need to do a complete survey for building permits that you can spend a day or two doing the job. But just to find a boundary line? That's crazy.

The second guy I talked to said they were $140/hr but it "Would take at least a day..." $1160? As my dad would say, "This is highway robbery."

The third of the big time survey companies finally gave me a contact of a guy out of Kirkland WA that supposedly does "Small Boundary Jobs." I hope when I get his bid, that it will be a "Small Boundary Price."

All this just to start paying for the fence to do in. I'm holding my breath, because the fence bids start tomorrow morning.

The fence will be going right on the other side of that pasture. About 100 feet or so from the horse stalls.


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