Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cheap Skate II - Electric Boogaloo

Speaking of being a cheap skate, I made my first visit to the new Habitat For Humanity Building supply outlet store. It just opened up in South Seattle, and I wanted to see if they had any pressure treated lumber for a big fence project that we're planning.

It's a brand new store, and I have to say they're off to a good start.

While they didn't have exactly what I was looking for, they did have regular 2x4's for $1.75 each... a bit cheaper than the big box stores, and the money is going to a great cause. (Jimmy Carter is far and away the best Ex-President in recent history, but that's another story for another day... I think that Habitat is his crown jewel.) They also had some manufactured decking material in small quantities. So if you had a big job, it probably wouldn't work, but I'm assuming that they'll be getting more stuff in all the time.

I was very surprised and pleased that they had a big inventory of brand new appliances at some pretty good prices. Like this Kitchen Aid wine fridge. It's brand new, and didn't seem to be damaged in any way. I think this one was $800. Below Retail, so a good deal if you were looking for it. They also had fridges by Amana. One Stainless, some black ones, and white as well.
The had a few rows of assembled kitchen cabinets, microwave/vent hood combos, and a lot of toilets by American Standard in the boxes.

There were some pretty high end washers and dryers, we've been thinking of replacing ours, so when I rustle up an extra $250 - $400, I'll definitely be back.

Plenty of doors and windows. In great shape. The store is exceedingly clean, and seems like they are are adding new stuff every day. They also had a lot of interior and exterior paint... mostly from the Martha Stewart Collection... I think that's when she was with K-Mart - so maybe Habitat worked out a deal with them?
There was a bunch of tile flooring adhesive and caulk, and some big boxes of nails an bolts.

So all in all, I have to say that I'm very excited about the new Habitat Store. Great deals and a great cause. If you need things like this, and you're near South Seattle and Hwy 99, check them out.


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