Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Word About Critters...

If you're anything like we are, the day after you move in you say to yourself, "boy, there's plenty of room for some animals..." And so you go get some. For us that meant our existing two dogs Gerty and Frank.

Then, The Cowgirl (nickname for the fiancee) said she's always wanted goats. Interesting enough, the city of Seattle just approved goats within the city limits. See this story in the Seattle Times.

So I come home one day and we have not one, not two, but three goats.

First up, we have Herb.
He's my favorite goat.

This is Crash.

And we also had Bo, a little pygmy goat. Things were going great with the goats until Christmas '07. I was visiting my folks in Florida, and got a frantic call from The Cowgirl that something had gone terribly wrong. Somehow, the goats (minus Herb) got out of their area and into the main field by the barn, and they were attacked. We think it was by the dogs.

After the fact, we found that there was a little hole in the fence inside a blackberry bush. We hadn't seen it and that's where the little guys squeezed through.

Herb survived and we now have him and Abby to keep him company. We also reinforced the fence line in the goat pen.

All of that to say that if you didn't install the fence, be really thorough on your inspection before you bring any animals out.


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