Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Got the T-Shirts! Check It Out!!!

So I made some t-shirts for the blog... Click here to see them. I put my order in for two of the shirts last week, and the UPS guy dropped them off at the house this morning.

I think they turned out pretty good. A bit expensive, but they make them one at a time. I can't quite figure out how Cafe Press does it? They don't seem to be silk screened, and it's not an iron on transfer... they must somehow print the design directly on the shirt and then put it in an oven or something.

However they do it, I put the order in less than a week ago, and I'm wearing it to work today... Nice.

I also designed a new Herb The Goat shirt, I think he'll be the new American Idol of Goats.

So if I actually sell a few t-shirts, I'll make some more designs... We'll see.