Thursday, March 13, 2008

King of all you SURVEY

So the survey guys were out yesterday:
Azure Green Consultants, LLC. They really seemed open to working with me on finding my boundary lines without trying to up sell me into doing a complete survey. I understand that's probably how they make most of their money, or maybe there's so many big commercial projects going on in this area that most companies don't have time for small jobs, but Azure was very responsive, and got on my job within a few days of finalizing things.

They have what looks like a GPS antenna on top of the van.
I was talking with the lead guy, and he said there is a monument embedded in the road at the intersection closest to our house. They get a GPS reading from the monument, and head down to our property. It's pretty high tech, he enters the data on a touch screen, and the other guy down the road with the survey stick radios back, and the computer on the tripod beeps and chirps a lot, and that seems to be about it for the data collection on the road.

Here's a closer look at the main survey computer. I'm sure these guys thought I must be pretty nosey - walking up and taking pictures with my cell phone. =)

The other guy is way down there - you can barley see him in the background.

It's no wonder that all the boundaries are off once you get out here. Before all this technology, it must have been really difficult to be accurate.

Here's what the corner posts look like in the front. I'm going to research getting something a bit more permanent to install there. Maybe some kind of metal monument or something. On this property line, it seems like we were pretty accurate. It was off by a couple of feet.

This is on our gravel road to the back of our acreage looking back to the road. The aforementioned corner is right on the edge of that hedge line, and as you can see -
the second point is right on the edge of the road. So there will be some of our gravel road that sneaks onto our neighbors property, but it's not too bad on this line.

The other boundary to the west is another story.
This boundary is right up against the house. The actual fence that we're tearing down is almost 40 feet from this post. I called King County, and Steve told me that there only needs to be a 5 foot setback from this house,
but I don't feel right about getting that close. I'll probably put the fence in where those metal posts are in the right hand corner of the picture. I'm going to wait until I get the official survey report done before I go and talk to him.

I also went to the back to find those corners.
Here's the west back corner. They also put up some blue stakes along the way that say "Control" on them. I'm curious as to what they are for. Probably just a reference point because the actual line is in the brush, I assume.
I'll update the post when I find out exactly what they are, and when I get my final bill and report.

See you next time.