Sunday, March 16, 2008

I Get What I Pay For... I GOT HOSED!

I made a genius move a few weeks ago of dragging some metal roofing over our hose. The metal sliced into it and caused a leak. Instead of buying a new hose for $39, I thought I'd try the $1.89 hose repair kit at Fred Meyer.

Step one, cut out the leaking part... not too hard here, just used my shears.

Then you insert this plastic piece and the two clamp pieces. Attach with your screw driver, and the instructions say your hose should be as good as new.

So far, I'm feelin' pretty good about this fix. I tightened down pretty good, but not too hard. I didn't want to crush that plastic piece inside the hose.

Then it was time to pressure test it. I hooked it up to the spigot on our well house, and...

Not really the result I was looking for. I do have to say in my defense, that I think the well pump puts out more pressure than a standard city water line, but still, this was pretty bad.

I got out the ol' screw driver and tightened it as much as I could.


I'm going to try the $3 metal repair kit, and see if that works. If not, I'll be tossing this hose, and buying a new one.

See you next time.