Saturday, March 22, 2008

I Fought The Hose, and I Won...

The problem with being cheap is that sometimes you have to do stuff twice to get the desired result, therefore losing the benefit of being cheap in the first place. Such is the case with my first attempt at fixing our damaged hose. I went with the $1.87 repair kit, and completely failed.

[Click here to read the sad story of hose repair: attempt #1]

So it's on to my second chance. This time I stepped up and spent $4 on the brass hose repair kit.

After the screwdriver slipped and took a chunk out of my middle finger, I thought I'd just cut the old one off.

I trimmed each side of the hose just to make sure I didn't damage anything with the cheap kit. I really screwed down on that thing as hard as I could the last time to try and get it water tight, but to no avail.

Since I was so easily defeated last time, I decided to wrap the brass fitting in Teflon tape. I really don't know if this did anything, but I figured that it couldn't hurt.

You just put the clamps on each end of the hose first, then shove this thing into each side. It took a bit of force to get it seated all the way down, but that's a good thing,

Then just tighten up the clamps, cross my fingers, and turn the water on.... The suspense was pretty thick as I rounded the well house to see if it worked...
In the words of Napoleon Dynamite, "Yes!"
It was water tight. No need to spend $40 on a new hose. That started my Saturday off right.